The new Family Services radio broadcast, “When Things Aren’t Going Well”, will broadcast every Saturday morning at 7:00am right here.

This weekly broadcast will feature mental health wellness topics featuring therapists from Family Services, a United Way partner-agency. Each week we will discuss various topics regarding mental wellness. We hope that our “help you to help yourself” approach to mental wellness will aid you to navigate the tough times. The initial broadcast features Brenda Geisinger and Amy Small. All shows will be archived on the Family Services website as a resource for mental wellness in the community.

If you have a question or topic that you would like addressed on the show please click here to complete an anonymous form.

This program is not intended to replace the treatment given by doctors or other clinical providers.  Everyone should always consult with their practitioners  to insure the proper course of action.


Sheriff Chad Sheehan

Service Dogs and PTSD

Family Time

Tailgating for Our Kids



Summertime Blues


Social Media and Kids



Faith and Mental Health

How to Parent a Parent

Healthy Boundaries

Elderly and Loneliness

Routines and Resolutions

Holiday Depression

Play Therapy

Holiday Mental Wellness