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About KSCJ

Serious About Siouxland
Talk Radio 1360 KSCJ takes its mission as Sioux City’s heritage radio station seriously. Listeners know to tune to KSCJ whenever a big story is happening. Whether it’s the news they need to know, the sports they like to know, or the weather they need to have. Talk Radio 1360 KSCJ always is there to deliver!

Serious About News
Talk Radio 1360 KSCJ counts on a staff of dedicated, hard working, professional reporters to ask the questions our listeners would ask. We then deliver the news to you accurately.

Serious About Sports
When it comes to sports, KSCJ Radio is the official home for Iowa Hawkeye Football and Basketball, as Gary Dolphin follows the Hawks throughout the Big Ten Conference and anywhere in the country they happen to go. Siouxland listeners know when there is a big high school game in the area, our Supersports coverage will be second to none with Justin Barker and Brian Vakulskas. KSCJ is also your radio home for the Kansas City Chiefs and NFL Football from Westwood One Radio.

Serious About Weather
When the weather’s at its worst, KSCJ is at its best! With reports from breaking weather stories, the latest radar information, storm tracking, road conditions and school closings.

Serious Conversation
Listeners also count on KSCJ for good conversation, delivered by good friends Charlie Stone, Mark Hahn, Justin Barker, Woody Gottburg, Josie Cooper, and Eric Bishop. They always have something to talk about, and give you a chance to talk back, every single day. We have been the Voice of Sioux City for over 90 years, and we are committed to bring you compelling radio for years to come, on Talk Radio 1360 KSCJ.