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History of KSCJ

April 4th, 1927 was a big day in the history of Sioux City, Iowa; that’s when KSCJ Radio first began its tradition of providing the city and the area with news, weather, sports, conversation and entertainment, reporting Sioux City’s heritage and being there when people needed a friend. That tradition continues today.

The station was born, as a lot of stations were at the time, as a sort of electronic “arm” of the newspaper, in this case the Sioux City Journal (which explains the call letters). Other stations in Iowa that were founded by newspapers were KDTH in Dubuque (Dubuque Telegraph-Herald), WMT in Cedar Rapids (Waterloo Morning Times), and KCRG in Cedar Rapids (Cedar Rapids Gazette).

When a major event has occurred in Sioux City, KSCJ has been there to tell you all about it. From repeated floods on the Floyd and Missouri Rivers, to the fatal explosion of the Swift Plant; from the crash of United Flight 232, to countless summer and winter storms, KSCJ has been a leader in getting the story to you accurately, and fairly.

KSCJ has also been the place to turn for great people you’ve called friends, people who understood their responsibility to you, and did their best every day; Don Stone, Jack Todd, Earl Van Ornum, Rudy Salem, Charlie Stone, Cindy Deck, Dick Michaels, Randy Renshaw, Don Miller, and other professionals with the experience and the wisdom to let you know what’s happening, when it’s happening. We’re proud of them all, and grateful for their friendship and service to KSCJ, and to you.

Over 95 years, times have changed, and Sioux City has, too. One thing that hasn’t changed, and won’t change, is the commitment by Talk Radio 1360 KSCJ and Powell Broadcasting to be your source for information and entertainment. We’re known as The Voice of Sioux City, we take that seriously, and we’ll be around for a long time to come, whenever you need to know; whenever you need to talk; whenever you need to listen. We’ll be here.

Thank you for over 95 incredible years, and here’s to many more.