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Rush Limbaugh Passes at 70

Kathryn Limbaugh’s statement aired this morning (02/17) on the EIB Network on KSCJ.

Message from the EIB Network:

It is with great sadness to inform you that Rush Limbaugh passed away today, February 17 after a long and brave battle with lung cancer.  In this time of sorrow, Rush’s voice will continue to be heard, providing comfort and continued insight to his legions of loyal fans.

All of Rush’s audio has been extensively archived and cataloged by subject, topic and opinion.  Given how timeless and insightful Rush’s commentary is his producers will be able to pull segments that are relevant for each day’s news cycle and allow us to feature the best of Rush for the full three hours of the program.

The familiar voices of the programs’ guest hosts will be used in the show when needed to guide Rush’s audio from one topic to another, but Rush will be the predominant voice heard for the three-hour Monday-Friday show, the AM Daily Update and The Week in Review three-hour show.

Please note that we will continue with this transitional programming until the audience is prepared to say good-bye. The long-term plan will be shared with you in the upcoming weeks.

We will mourn together in a respectful way and celebrate the incredible life of Rush with his millions of loyal listeners.  Today, a three hour tribute will air in Rush’s regular time slot.  Follow-up information will be posted on www.rushlimbaugh.com.

Thoughts on Rush Limbaugh’s Legacy from the KSCJ staff:

Today we heard the news that we all had been anticipating; but not at all ready for. Listening to Kathryn Limbaugh’s statement that Rush Limbaugh had passed away hit me much harder than I would have expected.

My love for AM radio and the news/talk format starts with Rush. I cannot remember a time when Rush wasn’t on the radio. His voice, his command of the microphone, and his ability to entertain listeners on a daily basis is simply something that cannot be replicated or replaced.

Thanks for the memories, for sharing your greatness, and for instilling in me a lifelong passion for radio.

—Justin Barker

It’s a very sad day for this country, with the passing of Rush Limbaugh.  When Rush was first diagnosed with stage-four lung cancer, we all knew this day would come sooner or later; even though we hoped it would be later, much later! Who is ever ready for this?  Rush was a major influence in the transition of my radio career.  Like Rush, I started as a “disc-jockey,” switching to Conservative Talk here on KSCJ a little over ten years ago. His voice of reason for a nation, so deeply divided, will be greatly missed!

—Mark Hahn, Drivetime Live

Rush Limbaugh was talk radio….plain and simple. Rather you are conservative, liberal or in the middle, you listened to what he had to say. I can’t think of a more influential radio announcer who was part of the pulse of America on a daily basis for so many years. He was a national icon.

—Woody Gottburg, KSCJ News Director

—Charlie Stone, Open Line

Three “where was I when I heard” moments remain with me from childhood.  The Reagan assassination attempt, the Challenger explosion, and the first time I heard Rush Limbaugh.  In a Ford Bronco, as Dad picked me up on an early dismissal day from high school in 1990, I noticed his radio tuned not to his usual public radio station, but to KSCJ.  I heard a distinctive voice commenting on the day’s news in a way that drew in a 14-year-old boy who normally preferred U2 and Guns N’ Roses.  From that day on, talk radio became my daily bread.  Rush ignited in me an artistic flame to become a performer in theater of the mind.  His show’s content taught me how to analyze news and intellectually challenge prevailing paradigms.  His show’s production taught me how to make radio entertaining for the audience, using only sounds to paint a scene on the canvas of the listeners’ ears.  Rush did not merely warm up the bathwater for all of us in talk radio.  He turned on the faucet and adjusted the temperature before any of us had gotten out of bed.

—Brian Vakulskas, Having Read That, KSCJ Contributor