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Briar Cliff to Add eSports Athletic Program


Briar Cliff University is pleased to announce the addition of eSports, team-based video game competitions, to its athletic programs.“ We are excited to bring eSports to Briar Cliff University. eSports is an inclusive program, all genders and physical abilities can participate and compete,” says Dr. Rachelle Karstens, President of Briar Cliff University.“ This program helps students further develop their skills in leadership, teamwork, strategy, communication and analytics.”

The addition of the eSports athletic program also supports growth strategies in STEM majors at the University, a commonly sought academic pathway by eSport athletes. This program will complement new developments in our computer science programs.

Briar Cliff is exploring spaces in the Newman Flanagan Center for eSports to practice and compete, allowing high visibility and athletic interaction.“

We are eager to recruit our first team of eSports champions for this upcoming fall season,” says Nic Scandrett, Athletic Director at Briar Cliff University. “This program allows the athletic department to grow with students’ interests. eSports is considered the fastest growing sport in the United States right now.”

Briar Cliff joins six other GPAC member institutions by adding the sport, with hopes of it becoming a GPAC sanctioned sport in near future