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BILL ZAHREN – TRAFFIC (Kingman and Reed Novel #5)


Author: Bill Zahren

Book: TRAFFIC (Kingman and Reed Novel #5

Publishing: Independently published (April 30, 2019)

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Sometimes traffic moves on two legs instead of four wheels

Raising and selling livestock has been a way of life in rural America for generations. Unfortunately, one rural Iowa resident has twisted the tradition into an evil mutation—harvesting young girls to traffic to sex-obsessed buyers around the world. When a teenage girl goes missing, Sioux City Sentinel-Leader reporter Tom Kingman discovers that not everything in rural Woodbury County is as beautiful as the fall colors. The hills are alive with an anatomy-obsessed teenage boy with a rifle, a drunken human trafficker gradually losing his concern for self-preservation, and rage-produced demons trying to provoke Tom into a life-shattering decision. As Tom’s significant other, county prosecutor Hillary Reed, helps him make a hard choice, she also faces a decision—one she prays will be for the greater good.