KSCJ Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt Starting May 15:

05/15:          Stop or go…from here to there

05/16:          Children 5 and under are free

05/17:          A Penny Saved is a penny earned

05/18:          Travel half of the route

05/19:          John F. Love

***TREASURE FOUND*** Under the bench at the bus stop in Peter’s Park in front of the Morningside library. Thank you to everyone that played! The Treasure Hunt will return Fall 2017!

Treasure is worth $136.00! Good luck!


Week 1:            Mark Stolen – Sioux City                                $149.30

Week 2:            Kevin Kruse – Sioux City                                $135.70

Week 3:            Duffy Conway – Sioux City                             $135.70

Week 4:            Shelley Erwin                                                  $136.00

The grand prize is a $500 gift certificate to Knova’s Carpet’s.

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