Open Line 2/2/18

Scams, Groundhogs Day, parental affection, 20 most hated companies, Rapid Fire, Super Bowl fraud and more.

Open 2/1/18

SOTU recap, GOP train accident, pros and cons of 24/7 politics, Super Bowl party snacks, chili dogs and more.

Open Line 1/31/18

Jeff and JB fill in talking SOTU, local headlines, Super Bowl, dangers of social media, rough start for Scott Frost and more.

Open Line 1/30/18

State of the Union facts, absurd liability laws, opioid follow up, female hunting apparel and more.

Open Line 1/29/18

Grammy’s, State of the Union preview, stolen Riverfront idea, robo-news, greatest movie villains and more.

Open Line 1/19/18

Governor Kim Reynolds in studio, popcorn, Rapid Fire, government shutdown and more.

Open Line 1/18/18

Schindler’s List review, fake news awards, crime and punishment, movie costs, Olympics and more.

Open Line 1/17/18

Battleship, guns in the courthouse, gravy cocktails, honey farm update, men in skirts and more.

Open Line 1/15/18

Vikings win, Schindler’s List, human trafficking, mobile data issues, a question that goes nowhere and more.

Open Line 12/21/17

Suicide rate of farmers in America, LaVar Ball strikes again, most watched shows of 2017, Christmas trends and more.
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