Open Line 1/18/18

Schindler’s List review, fake news awards, crime and punishment, movie costs, Olympics and more.

Open Line 1/17/18

Battleship, guns in the courthouse, gravy cocktails, honey farm update, men in skirts and more.

Open Line 1/15/18

Vikings win, Schindler’s List, human trafficking, mobile data issues, a question that goes nowhere and more.

Open Line 12/21/17

Suicide rate of farmers in America, LaVar Ball strikes again, most watched shows of 2017, Christmas trends and more.

Open Line 12/14/17

Cold season, marijuana legalization, Omarosa out of a gig, Star Wars, game shows, Disney scam and more.

Open Line 12/13/17

Moore reaction, local election, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees, a heated Elf on the Shelf debate, top beauty trends from 2017 and...

Open Line 12/12/17

Holiday meals, eggnog, political correctness, feel good story, traditions, French fry burritos and more.

Open Line 12/7/17

Tonya Harding movie, southern “hospitality”, Kaeperkick gets an award, first date gone bad, Elf on the Shelf, Franken resigns and more.

Open Line 12/6/17

Bomb threat, border wall test, public prayer, another cruise mishap, Time’s Person of the Year and more.  

Open Line 12/5/17

Weather, recorders, Trump’s diet, Charlie’s anniversary, Star Wars vs. Star Trek, ABN forced to move, Sturgis and more.
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