Open Line 11/21/17

Massages, harassment, thanksgiving dinner topics to avoid, favorite Christmas movies and more.

Open Line 11/20/17

Thanksgiving rush, 3 deaths, transracial, field trip faux pas and more.  

Open Line 11/13/17

Weekend recap, Christmas, wild college football weekend, Goodell contract, States ranked by food, Sioux City Sue tribute is dead and more.

Open Line 11/10/17

Veteran's Day edition live from Burger King.

Open Line 11/9/17

CMA recap, Trump in China, ranch dressing in kegs, another round of Hollywood sexual harassment allegations, flipping the bird and more.

Open Line 11/8/17

Election results/turnout, fireworks, sex addiction, ice cream conspiracy, Ric Flair, vending machines around the world and more.

Open Line 11/7/17

Ailments, hashtags, fake news, men’s rompers, nachos, local election, musical taste and more.

Open Line 11/6/17

Hawkeyes, Texas church shooting, Larry David in hot water, political correctness report, cruises and more.

Open Line 11/03/17

Daylight savings, more Hollywood harassment, another potential celebrity presidential run, Rapid Fire, smoke breaks and more.

Open Line 11/02/17

World Series, relationship advice, crackers, Dustin Hoffman, hip-hop, Papa John whining, 25 greatest movie characters and more.
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