Open Line 9/20/17

New Vietnam documentary, America’s Got Talent, nostalgia, the white privilege test and more.  

Open Line 9/19/17

Equipment upgrade, upcoming rapture, campus politics, Mad Pooper, veggies, new words and more.

Open Line 9/18/17

Emmy’s, quiet zones, college football, politics, an ode to Bobby Heenan, skin color obsession in America and more.

Open Line 9/15/17

Chamber dinner, Star Wars actress Nalini Krishan, Toy Hall of Fame finalists, 1st amendment, Emmy’s, OJ and more.  

Open Line 9/14/17

Book tours, Chinese dinners, leaks, dreamers, the First Lady, ESPN and more.

Open Line 9/13/17

Charlie gets a new phone, iPhone X, Denny’s new mascot, safety in America and more.

Open Line 9/12/17

Sports broadcasters, school board, Fox News crisis, the worst song ever and the renewed popularity of board games.

Open Line 9/11/17

College football, Irma, politicizing pageants, Bannon’s interview, absurd lawsuit and more.

Open Line 9/8/17

Our Donald Trump calls in, Ray Liotta gets a new gig, It, Rapid Fire and more.

Open Line 9/7/17

An inappropriate craigslist post, Trump’s deal, Manson Family member up for parole, the Rodman/Jong-un dynamic and more.
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