Open Line 10/13/17

Friday the 13th, Weinstein update, superstitions, Rapid Fire, tech warnings, crime TV and more.

Open Line 10/12/17

Friends, Weinstein, latest out of Vegas, Ben Affleck’s past bites back, girls in the Boy Scouts, bromances and more.

Open Line 10/5/17

Jealous monkey, latest out of Vegas, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees, Trump vs. NBC, politics, Cam Newton and more.

Open Line 10/3/17

Las Vegas follow up, local fights, Tom Petty died, desecrating the flag for education, roll models and more.

Open Line 10/2/17

Las Vegas shooting, security, Trump’s reaction, O.J. released, college football, tanks and more.

Open Line 9/29/17

Linked arms, fake news, NFL, world’s worst mom, Rapid Fire, America’s new weapon and more.

Open Line 9/28/17

The Kissing Wench calls in, pot smokers like fast food, Hef, FBI investigating college basketball and more.

Open Line 9/27/17

Strange restaurant decor, Marine first, Ric Flair, NFL ratings, Vietnam, new JFK documents and more.

Open Line 9/26/17

Protests, why you like Walmart, retirement, toilet seat art, email etiquette, division in America and more.

Open Line 9/25/17

Obligatory Monday complaints, Trump vs. NFL, Weiner sentenced, Megyn Kelly debuts and more.
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