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SID ROSENBERG Halftime Interview, 9/13/2018


Here is my Davenport Cleaners Halftime interview with Sid Rosenberg, host of “Sid Sports Sunday” on WABC Radio in New York City, as well as co-host of “Bernie & Sid in the Morning.”

Sid is one of the most entertaining radio personalities of our time.  He’s been on radio from Florida to New York, including WFAN.  He was previously a member of the “Imus in the Morning” crew until Imus’ retirement earlier this year.

You can catch both of Sid’s shows through the WABC app or on your Amazon Echo device.  “Bernie & Sid in the Morning” airs live from 5-9am (Iowa time) every weekday.  “Sid Sports Sunday” airs live from 7-9am every Sunday.  Both shows are also available as podcasts.

But be sure to listen to this interview because Sid is entertaining as always.

We talked about all kinds of stuff: Sid’s career, his current radio shows, and working with Flirty Flipper.  We also talked about Sid’s book, YOU’RE WRONG AND YOU’RE UGLY: Highs and Lows of a Radio Bad Boy, which is available on Amazon or at other places you buy books.  Buy it!