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“BLUE LOU” Marini Halftime Interview (1/12/2018)


Here is my Davenport Cleaners Halftime interview with “Blue Lou” Marini, a member of the Original Blues Brothers Band.  Lou discussed the band’s new album, THE LAST SHADE OF BLUE BEFORE BLACK, which is available now.  We also talked about his time as a member of the Saturday Night Live Band, as well as his amazing musical career.


The new album, available wherever you buy music.
Blue Lou Marini in a scene from the movie, “The Blues Brothers”
“Blue Lou” Marini, Matt “Guitar” Murphy, and “Mr. Fabulous” Alan Rubin (L-R) perform “Minnie the Moocher” in a scene from the movie, “The Blues Brothers”
The Blues Brothers Band performs behind chicken wire in a scene from the movie