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ALABAMA STORY at Lamb Arts Regional Theatre

Playwright Kenneth Jones holds a copy of THE RABBITS' WEDDING by Garth Williams, the children's book that inspired his play, ALABAMA STORY. (Photo - Alexander Weisman)

September 15 through October 1 at Lamb Arts Regional Theatre in Sioux City, Iowa…it’s ALABAMA STORY, a new play based on true events, by playwright Kenneth Jones.

In this regional premiere performance, a children’s story becomes part of our own story.

Set in Montgomery, Alabama in 1959 and based on true events, Alabama Story mixes real and fictional people to tell a fact-inspired fable about tests of character in a time of social turbulence.

A bullying, but complex, segregationist senator wants a controversial children’s book taken off the library shelves, but a fearless librarian — no less complicated — refuses, putting both of their worlds at risk. Based on a real life story of segregation, censorship, and Civil Rights, Alabama Story is playful, serious, smart, funny, dark and hopeful all at once.

A 2014 Finalist in the National Playwrights Conference of the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center. It was later a 2016 nominee for the Steinberg/American Theatre Critics Association New Play Award.

For tickets, call the box office weekdays between 2 and 5 at 712-255-9536 or buy them online.

Listen to Brian Vakulskas’ interview for “Good Morning Siouxland” with ALABAMA STORY playwright Kenneth Jones: