The brother of a girl killed in the Pilger tornado says his mother is in a medically induced coma in Omaha.

Cody Murphree released a statement Tuesday saying his mother, 42-year-old Kandi Murphree, was being treated after the tornado destroyed their home in Pilger.

His sister, 5-year-old Calista Dixon, was one of two people killed in the storm.

The statement says the tornado did not seriously harm Cody Murphree or his 4-year-old sister, who was not identified.

The statement was released through his employer, Heritage Homes of Nebraska in Wayne.

No funeral arrangements have been made for Calista Dixon.

The statement says donations are needed for girl’s clothing and men’s clothing, non-perishable food items and possible help with housing for the two surviving siblings.

The death of a second person has been blamed on tornadoes that authorities say destroyed more than half the town of Pilger, Nebraska Monday afternoon.

Authorities say 74 year old David A. Herout, of Clarkson, Nebraska, died after his vehicle left the roadway during the storm.

Officials say Herout was ejected from the vehicle around 4:50 p.m. on a county road approximately 2.5 miles east of Pilger.

Stanton County Sheriff Mike Unger says the accident is considered storm-related because it occurred about the same time the storm pounded the community of about 350 residents.

Unger says 5-year-old Calista Dixon also died from injuries suffered inside of a mobile home on Main Street in Pilger during the storm.

Unger says Dixon was pronounced dead on arrival at Norfolk’s Faith Regional Hospital.

The National Weather Service now says four tornadoes appear to have hit the region on Monday night.